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EA launching Bad Company 2, C&C 4 betas today

For Electronic Arts, today is all about testing out multiplayer action, with the launch of two betas – Bad Company 2 and Command and Conquer 4.

With BC2 set to release on March 2nd and C&C4 due for March 16th, both betas offer a fairly big head start in the world of competitive online play. GameSpot appears to be the source for C&C keys, while BC2 keys can be obtained via pre-ordering the title on Steam, amongst other means.

Console gamers aren’t left out in the cold, with the multiplayer Bad Company demo now available on Xbox LIVE, with the PS3 version arriving next week.

[via Big Download]


Flashes of Brilliance: Basketball

You, a basketball, two minutes, and any number of strangers. The gameplay of Basketball is fairly well summarised in by the above screenshot: really, it’s more about your ability to work out the parabolas than anything else.

Online contests begin every 2 minutes and 45 seconds, and last for 2 minutes. While you wait to join a round, you can engage in some single-player practice. The particularly compelling point of the online play is that after each shot, your ranking is compared to the competition on a histogram. At the end of the round, a leaderboard is displayed, leaving the winners to bask in glory and represent their nation (as the game automatically shows your country’s flag). No account is necessary, and age, gender, and name entry is optional.

[Basketball via Reddit]

US, PAL regions get adhoc Party for PlayStation Portable


The PSP’s adhoc Party is a service which allows PSP games which use ad hoc (local) wireless multiplayer to be played online, using a PS3’s internet connection. While a convenient feature, the question is: how many people own a PSP, one of the compatible games, and a PS3 connected to the internet? (Admittedly, I do.)

The service also includes voice and text chat functionality, with users meeting up in lobbies. Chat rooms can be created about particular subjects, and in them? People discuss those subjects.

adhoc Party has been running in Japan for just over a year now. According to Wikipedia, over 226 games are compatible with the service, though not all of them are listed.

When released (apparently “soon”), the service will be free to download from the PS3’s PlayStation Store.

[PlayStation.Blog.Europe via GamesIndustry.Biz]

Tetris Friends launches Tetris Live Beta, missions


Tetris Friends, an authentic online Tetris Flash game site, has long included both singleplayer and multiplayer Tetris variants. The catch was that the multiplayer modes pitted you against recordings of real opponents, which made the community feel somewhat abstract.

The Tetris Live beta changes that entirely, with real-time multiplayer battle action between 2 to 6 players. Gameplay elements include maps and power-ups which either help you or hinder your opponents. Players are ranked to promote a level playing field, and live chat is available, presumably to facilitate smack talk.

The other addition to Tetris Friends is a mission system similar to that of Kongregate – complete a task within the challenge period to receive a badge for your profile. For example, the current weekly mission is to win 10 rounds of Sprint 5P within a week.

Tetris Friends is a collection of extremely capable free Tetris games. Tetris Live is the obvious expansion of the service, and beta access is available to registered members.

Tetris Friends