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Put your guitars to use with Fret Nice this week

Sick of just using your guitar controllers to play Rock Band and/or Guitar Hero? Look no further than Tecmo’s platformer, Fret Nice, due to hit the North American PSN store this week.

Fret Nice will also hit the European store at a later date, but for now, North Americans can use the power of rock to help the Vibrant Chordbusters defeat the Hair Bängers (note the totally metal umlaut). The game has a quirky and unique art style, and looks to be a weird experience all-round. The title features online leaderboards and character customisation, with unlockable items and instruments.

Details are scant on how it actually plays. Apparently, Riff Combos you play with the guitar are in tune with the stage’s background music, meaning you can jam with the music, and the notes you need to play in combat depend on the eyes and tentacles of your enemies.

The game’s website also displays the Xbox Live Arcade logo, but no release date has been provided. When made available, it will join the indie shooter Battle Beat (which has a free demo!) on the service.

[Fret Nice via Joystiq]


Name your price for FFVII / hip-hop mashup album

A new album from Team Teamwork has dropped, and it’s full of funky Final Fantasy VII tracks – remixed with hip-hop and rap-type music.

Better yet, it can be yours for free, along with the other two albums available on their Bandcamp page: one which is also game-related (Ocarina of Rhyme) and one which is not, but is incredibly titled (The Good-Ass Remixes: Vol. 1). Featuring 12 tracks from FFVII‘s incredible soundtrack, it’s worth a listen. Some purists may object to the wanton modification of their beloved tunes, but others may find new enjoyment from the fusion of instrumental and the spoken word.

[Team Teamwork via Joystiq]

Demiurge, not Harmonix, to make Green Day: Rock Band

Last week, we heard that Green Day: Rock Band would not be the only title in the franchise this year. Now we know why: Harmonix aren’t making it, and are presumably busy with some other project.

They’ve given the work of developing the title to fellow Cambridge, Massachusetts studio Demiurge Studios, known for porting Mass Effect to PC. Other Demiurge works include the Rock Band track packs and creating the arena mode in Borderlands.

Other details about the title are still mainly a mystery, but two things are clear: the release date is currently sometime this year, and “American Idiot” is a playable track.

[The Spoony Blog via Eurogamer]

DJ Hero 2 more or less confirmed

A warning to the faint of heart: this may shock you.

Activision? They’re making “a future instalment” of one of their 2009 games! While not labelling the future DJ Hero content with a 2 just yet, it seems as though their press release is referring to a whole new title, as opposed to new downloadable content.

Their press release is actually about Activision’s involvement with MIDEM, a music industry event, in the hunt to find an undiscovered musician to add a track to the next game. An “expert panel” will judge ten finalists, but as in Highlander, there can be only one.

Expect DJ Hero 2, and one MIDEM track, sometime this year.

[via Evil Avatar]

Announced Rock Band 2 PS3 patch fixes HOPO, adds RBN

Rock Band 2 Lead Designer, Dan Teasdale, today announced a long-coming patch for the PS3 release of the title.

The patch notably includes a fix for chord HOPOs (hammer-ons/pull-offs) which brings them up to par with their implementation in The Beatles: Rock Band, as well as the inclusion of the Rock Band Network Store. Unfortunately for PS3 owners, the store will still only feature a selection of the songs available over at the Xbox 360 RBN Store.

The patch also allows the use of wireless SingStar microphones, supports drum velocity sensitivity for ION drum kits (for drum fills and Drum Freestyle), and adds the ability to Sort by Stars in the Song Select screen.

[PlayStation.Blog via RockBandAide]

Shatter soundtrack just $1 until Christmas

The official soundtrack to IGN’s PSN Game of the Year, the block-breaking Shatter, is available for just $1 USD until Christmas.

Available as 320K mp3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, and other formats, the quality of the audio is hard to argue with. The site even lets you stream the entire album before you buy, just in case you haven’t played the highly-praised PSN exclusive. Bandcamp, the distribution service, allows buyers to pay above the set price, if you feel $1 isn’t enough. Normally priced at a minimum of $9.99, this is a significant discount.

Is 81:36 of funky video game music worth 100 cents to you? If so, the track list and purchase link are below.

1. Kinetic Harvest – 06:36
2. Aurora – 07:28
3. Granular Extractor – 06:31
4. Krypton Garden – 06:29
5. Freon World – 07:29
6. Amethyst Caverns – 05:15
7. Neon Mines – 06:02
8. Argon Refinery – 08:50
9. Xenon Home World – 06:18
10. The End Of The World – 06:45
11. Boss Music (all sections) – 03:01
12. Homelands (Credits Music) – 05:17
13. Glass Halls (Menu Music) – 02:51
14. Hyperspace (Bonus World) (Extended Edition) – 02:44

[Bandcamp via @jeffgerstmann]

Spike VGA surprises: Arkham Asylum 2, Green Day: Rock Band, Force Unleashed 2, True Crime

One of the most celebrated new series of the year now has a sequel, with Rocksteady and WB Games’ Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 (working title) now confirmed through a teaser trailer, which frankly doesn’t reveal much. The official website has launched, with roughly the same amount of information.

Green Day: Rock Band was another premiere for the night. Following the Beatles with Green Day is …well, kind of an odd choice, but the band IS exceedingly popular. This suggests that Rock Band 3 really is a long way away, and that Harmonix are now leaning towards the route of more physical releases instead of working on DLC, perhaps depending on Rock Band Network for DLC creation instead.

Another surprise comes in the form of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. Details are again hazy, but we know from the website that it will be “Unleashed 2010”, presumably at least for PS3 and 360.

The True Crime franchise will be revitalised with a new title… named True Crime. (Apparently without a subtitle.) Since the first title was released in 2003, and the second in 2005, it’s been a long time coming. Set in an Asian city, the game features the Triads. No platforms were explicitly discussed, but expect it on PS3 and 360.

Rubber Soul DLC out next week for The Beatles: Rock Band

From December 15th onwards (depending on region), The Beatles’ album Rubber Soul will be available for download on all three platforms. It is currently planned to be the last piece of DLC for The Beatles: Rock Band, concluding a trilogy of album releases which started with Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

All tracks can be purchased individually for $1.99 US / 160 MSP / 200 Wii Points, and the “Complete the Album” pack is available on the PSN and Live for $13.49 USD / 1440 MSP. The pack includes the 11 tracks previously missing from the game: (The other 3 are “Drive My Car”, “I’m Looking Through You”, and “If I Needed Someone”.)

• “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)”
• “You Won’t See Me”
• “Nowhere Man”
• “Think For Yourself”
• “The Word”
• “Michelle”
• “What Goes On”
• “Girl”
• “In My Life”
• “Wait”
• “Run For Your Life”

The trailer for the album pack is available for viewing here. (MOV file.)

[Rock Band Forums via @TheBeatlesRB]

Borderlands soundtrack now available

Just a friendly reminder: the Borderlands soundtrack is out now, and you can pick it up like so much dropped loot.

Available as a CD from Amazon for $15.98 and as a download from Sumthing Digital for $9.99 (or 99c for each track, bar the bonus tracks), the album includes 27 tracks. The game’s sweet theme, Cage The Elephant’s “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked“, is not one of them, sadly. Still, the soundtrack has plenty to offer, and samples are available at the Sumthing Digital page.

Finally confirmed: Michael Jackson composed Sonic 3 music

According to an interview in the French Michael Jackson magazine, Black & White, the world-famous pop star was unquestionably responsible for the composition of some of the music in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Composer Brad Buxer made the confirmation, claiming “I’ve never played the game so I do not know what tracks on which Michael and I have worked the developers have kept, but we did compose music for the game.” He also suggests that the reason Michael was not credited was because he was unhappy with the quality of the sound produced by the console. It has been suggested in the past that the mystery was a result of the scandals related to the star at the time.

The interview also confirms the chords for the song “Stranger in Moscow” use music they composed for Sonic 3.

[VGMdb Forums via @goodgaming]