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Demiurge, not Harmonix, to make Green Day: Rock Band

Last week, we heard that Green Day: Rock Band would not be the only title in the franchise this year. Now we know why: Harmonix aren’t making it, and are presumably busy with some other project.

They’ve given the work of developing the title to fellow Cambridge, Massachusetts studio Demiurge Studios, known for porting Mass Effect to PC. Other Demiurge works include the Rock Band track packs and creating the arena mode in Borderlands.

Other details about the title are still mainly a mystery, but two things are clear: the release date is currently sometime this year, and “American Idiot” is a playable track.

[The Spoony Blog via Eurogamer]


Spike VGA surprises: Arkham Asylum 2, Green Day: Rock Band, Force Unleashed 2, True Crime

One of the most celebrated new series of the year now has a sequel, with Rocksteady and WB Games’ Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 (working title) now confirmed through a teaser trailer, which frankly doesn’t reveal much. The official website has launched, with roughly the same amount of information.

Green Day: Rock Band was another premiere for the night. Following the Beatles with Green Day is …well, kind of an odd choice, but the band IS exceedingly popular. This suggests that Rock Band 3 really is a long way away, and that Harmonix are now leaning towards the route of more physical releases instead of working on DLC, perhaps depending on Rock Band Network for DLC creation instead.

Another surprise comes in the form of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. Details are again hazy, but we know from the website that it will be “Unleashed 2010”, presumably at least for PS3 and 360.

The True Crime franchise will be revitalised with a new title… named True Crime. (Apparently without a subtitle.) Since the first title was released in 2003, and the second in 2005, it’s been a long time coming. Set in an Asian city, the game features the Triads. No platforms were explicitly discussed, but expect it on PS3 and 360.