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Demiurge, not Harmonix, to make Green Day: Rock Band

Last week, we heard that Green Day: Rock Band would not be the only title in the franchise this year. Now we know why: Harmonix aren’t making it, and are presumably busy with some other project.

They’ve given the work of developing the title to fellow Cambridge, Massachusetts studio Demiurge Studios, known for porting Mass Effect to PC. Other Demiurge works include the Rock Band track packs and creating the arena mode in Borderlands.

Other details about the title are still mainly a mystery, but two things are clear: the release date is currently sometime this year, and “American Idiot” is a playable track.

[The Spoony Blog via Eurogamer]


Review: Mass Effect

PC – Keyboard / Mouse – 2008 (2007 for Xbox 360)
Developer: BioWare (Demiurge for PC port)
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios (EA for PC)
Playtime: 15 hours
Paid: $38AU from Harvey Norman (Australian retailer)

Metacritic: 91 (Xbox 360), 89 (PC).
Sales: Several million. At least 1.6 million on 360.

I’ve been putting off reviewing Mass Effect for a couple of weeks now, for a couple of reasons: firstly, I wanted to let it percolate in my mind for a while; secondly, because I know I’m a little raw here, and in my opinion this game deserves better verbalization than I’ve been pushing so far. For the lazy, six words can save you from reading through the following paragraphs: This is a really good game.

Mass Effect is the successful sci-fi action role-playing-game from BioWare, which combines third-person combat with classic RPG dynamics (dialogue trees, skills, leveling) in an epic galaxy full of quests and stories.  An informal summary be to say that you get experience points for shooting aliens, and it is great. You play as Commander Shepard, a human soldier on a mission which soon evolves into a manhunt. Both combat and diplomacy are necessary for the completion of this major mission and the many optional side-quests. Set in 2183, the Human Alliance is just one of a number of memorable races in the Milky Way, which is governed by the Citadel Council.  The game looks extremely good, particularly the characters. The level of visual customization options for the main character is impressive. Continue reading