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Borderlands DLC 3 named: ‘The Secret Armory of General Knoxx’, more details

Gearbox’s Borderlands was one of the successes of 2009. With the current release rate of their downloadable content packs – a new chunk of DLC every month or two – it seems like its success could continue well into the year, or possibly even beyond.

There still isn’t as much information about The Secret Armory of General Knoxx as some would like. Obviously, the title is now no longer a mystery, but the new level cap remains one. The pack will reportedly offer “new challenges and opportunities for growth for characters from around level 34 to level 50” as they battle “”never-before-seen enemies in a huge new environment complete with tons of brand new missions” – including this giant Half-Life 2′s Strider-looking thing up above in what seems to be a new vehicle. Plus, there are new weapons and items!

The release date, too, is still unknown, but my guess is that the General will probably arrive within the next couple of months.

[via Joystiq]