Psychonauts is $2, go buy it now

Psychonauts. 200 cents. Steam. Off you go.

Tim Schafer’s platformer received critical acclaim back in 2005, and will almost certainly run on your computer. If the acclaim of other, more professional reviewers isn’t enough for you, it also comes with my own stamp of approval. Psychonauts sees a young cadet, Raz, learning to utilize his psychic abilities, including levitation, pyrokinesis, invisibility, and importantly, the ability to enter the minds of others. These minds are the game’s levels, which are appropriately twisted. The game is often hilarious, and an absolute blast to play, so you should already have stopped reading this to hit the buy button.

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Lost Planet 2 and Super Street Fighter IV dated, other Capcom announcements

Today’s Xbox Japan event answered the mystery of last week’s ‘Capcom x Microsoft’ announcement: Capcom are making Monster Hunter Frontier for the Xbox 360.

The MMO was released on the PC in Japan in 2007, and has not yet seen release outside of Eastern markets – a Korean release followed in 2008, and Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau got access just a week ago. The 360 version will cost $15 per month to play, but the fee interestingly includes a month of LIVE Gold membership. Neat idea.

Meanwhile, Capcom announced dates for Lost Planet 2 and Super Street Fighter IV, with the former due on May 20th in Japan and the 18th in Western markets, and the latter arriving on April 28th in Japan, the 27th in North America, and the 30th in Europe. Both titles will be available on PC, PS3, and 360, as will Dead Rising 2, which remains undated.

Lost Planet 2 apparently includes Gears of War characters Marcus and Dom, although it seems unlikely that they will appear in the PS3 version.

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Interplay MMO Project V13 public beta to launch in …2012

Better clear a huge, year-sized window in your busy schedules for this one: Interplay’s upcoming post-apocalyptic MMO, codenamed Project V13 (almost certainly the Fallout MMO) will have a public beta, but not for another two years. Blast!

Interplay’s press statement claims that the game will feature “many unique features”, and that they have been working on it since November 2007. The statement is actually about the finalisation of the deal between Interplay and Masthead Studios to collaborate on the title. Masthead’s own post-apocalyptic MMO, Earthrise, is currently set for a Q2 2010 release.

[Interplay via Eurogamer]

Zombie Driver gets free Survival mode soon

Survival modes and zombies go together so well. Indeed, they are a natural fit, given the relentless nature of the undead horde.

That’s why Exor Studios have decided to add a Survival mode to their driving/action title, Zombie Driver, which previously only had a level-based campaign mode. There is no news of a release date at this point, but work has started. The DLC will include new Steam achievements and online leaderboards.

The developer has, in the meantime, released a demo of the game for those interested.

[Zombie Driver via Big Download Blog]

Weekend Deals – January 23/24, 2010

This weekend sees savings on Company of Heroes over at Steam, with 75% off the whole franchise, as well as 50% off all Kalypso games at Impulse, and 50% off all Sid Meier titles at GamersGate. Steam and D2D also both offer BioShock free with the soon-to-be-released sequel, BioShock 2.

Hoshi no Kirby: Ultra Super Deluxe – $19.90 ($29 off). Japanese. AKA Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Steam Weekend Deal:
75% off the Company of Heroes franchise:
Company of Heroes – $4.99 ($3.74 in AU store)
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts – $4.99 ($3.74 in AU store)
Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor – $7.49
Company of Heroes Complete Pack – $12.49 ($13.74 in AU store)
Company of Heroes: Gold (excludes Tales of Valor) – $7.49

Other Steam Deals:
Death to Spies: Gold Edition – $35.99 (10% off) (Does not include Death to Spies in AU store)
BioShock 2 – $44.99 (10% off) Includes BioShock! ($71.99 in AU store)
BioShock 2 – Four Pack – $134.97 (10% off) Includes 4x BioShock! ($215.97 in AU store)
1C Racing Mega Pack – $14.99 (25% off) Includes 5 games.
Bob Came in Pieces – $7.49 (25% off)
Railworks 0-4-0ST Saddle Tank Locomotive DLC – $8.99 (30% off)

50% off all Kalypso games, excluding Tropico 3, King’s Bounty Gold, and Grand Ages Rome: Rise of Augustus.
King’s Bounty Gold – $48.48 (25% off)
Tropico 3 – $43.09 (25% off)
Bob Came in Pieces – $7.49 (25% off)
Sword of the Stars Ultimate – $14.99 (50% off)
1C Racing Mega Pack – $9.99 (50% off)

25% off Cyan Inc. games.
Myst: Masterpiece Edition – $4.49
Riven: The Sequel to Myst – $4.49
The Manhole: Masterpiece Edition – $4.49

BioShock 2 – $44.95 (10% off) Includes BioShock!
Rome: Total War Gold Edition – $4.95 (50% off)

Bob Came in Pieces – $7.46 (25% off)
1C Racing Mega Pack – $9.95 (80% off)
Wings of Prey – $44.95 (10% off)
Sid Meier’s Pirates! – $4.95 (50% off)
Sid Meier’s Railroads! – $9.95 (50% off)
Civilization III Complete – $2.49 (50% off)
Civilization IV – $9.99 (50% off)
CivCity Rome – $9.99 (50% off)
Civilization IV Complete EU – $19.95 (50% off)
Civilization IV Colonization – $14.95 (50% off)

Third Borderlands DLC revealed, raises level cap

Excellent news for fans of Gearbox’s Borderlands, with an announcement on the studio’s forum confirming a third piece of DLC for the game.

Details are scarce, with a “full announcement” coming soon, but what is known is that the current level cap of 50 will be raised as part of the content, which the poster promises is “the biggest DLC we have made”. Gearbox’s Mikey Neumann has responded to the leak with a further leak on his Twitter page – “More Scooter!”

Development of the DLC began after The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned was finalized, and includes responses to community feedback.

[Gearbox Software Community via Kotaku]

Heavy Rain Chronicles include a darker perspective

Heavy Rain is finally just around the corner, after four years of development. Quantic Dream’s David Cage has told that an episode of the Heavy Rain Chronicles downloadable content will be played from the perspective of the Origami Killer, somewhat flipping the script.

The other two episodes discussed in the interview are from the perspectives of Norman Jayden and Madison Paige, two playable characters from the main storyline. The Chronicles act as prequels which explain the back-stories of each major character in the game.

The first of two Chronicles packs is free to those who purchase the Collector’s Edition.

[ via Eurogamer]

Red Steel 2, coloured Wiimotes dated for Australia, MH3 bundle rumoured

It’s all about Nintendo of Australia today, with two confirmed stories and one rumour.

Firstly, Ubisoft’s Red Steel 2, which requires the MotionPlus accessory, will be available on March 25th – both with and without the accessory. Apparently, the bundled version will cost $99.95, only $10 more than without, making it a cheap means of obtaining the add-on.

The blue, pink, and black Wii Remotes (as well as Nunchuks and MotionPlus) will make their way to our shores a month earlier, on February 25th. Presumably, they will retail at the same price as their white equivalents.

The release of black accessories lends some credence to the rumour that, as in Japan, a Monster Hunter 3 bundle will be available, including the game and the long-awaited black Wii console, and perhaps even the Classic Controller Pro.

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Nintendo announces PAL Q1 lineup

You like games. Nintendo likes to sell games. In an attempt to facilitate this process, they have announced their upcoming lineup of releases for Europe over the next few months.

Their release schedule, available in full at Eurogamer, includes a March 5 date for the DSi XL (in both Wine Red and Brown), and confirms a March 26th release for Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver Рwith the PokéWalker accessory. Red Steel 2 is also to be released at some point in March. No More Heroes 2, however, is nowhere to be seen.

WiiWare will have a somewhat interesting quarter, with Excitebike: World Challenge due on the 5th of February, as well as the interesting trio of Muscle March, Toribash, and Super Meat Boy, all set for Q1. Notably, Cave Story is yet again missing. Sigh.

[via Eurogamer]

Muscle March infomercial brings the crazy to the US

Namco Bandai’s WiiWare title, Muscle March, is pretty much old news in Japan, having been released in May last year. But for America, it’s the freshest new thing, being released on this very day.

For 800 Nintendo Points, you too can experience the life of a body-builder – obviously, this entails chasing a protein shake thief by smashing through walls by matching the shape of the hole in the wall. Obviously. With the Wii’s motion controls, it should be a blast. Plus, as this charming infomercial promises, you’ll grow up to be big and strong!

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