Red Steel 2, coloured Wiimotes dated for Australia, MH3 bundle rumoured

It’s all about Nintendo of Australia today, with two confirmed stories and one rumour.

Firstly, Ubisoft’s Red Steel 2, which requires the MotionPlus accessory, will be available on March 25th – both with and without the accessory. Apparently, the bundled version will cost $99.95, only $10 more than without, making it a cheap means of obtaining the add-on.

The blue, pink, and black Wii Remotes (as well as Nunchuks and MotionPlus) will make their way to our shores a month earlier, on February 25th. Presumably, they will retail at the same price as their white equivalents.

The release of black accessories lends some credence to the rumour that, as in Japan, a Monster Hunter 3 bundle will be available, including the game and the long-awaited black Wii console, and perhaps even the Classic Controller Pro.

[via Vooks, Vooks, Vooks]


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