Massage jacket controller puts busy hands to work

The “Massage me” controller design stems from a clever concept: using the energy used in controlling a game for the enjoyment of somebody else.

As made evident by the above picture, the currently working model is for a PlayStation controller, but it could be easily modified to work with many other systems. (With work, support for analog sticks could be added.) The buttons map to a number of sensitive points on the back of a jacket, to be worn by a friend, partner, or as suggested by the controller’s website, an innocent bystander.

The controller was designed in 2007 by a group of students from an Austrian university. Curiously, they demonstrate the controller on a PlayStation running Tekken 2, which seems less than entirely relaxing – a frustrated player could start bashing those buttons, or even try to throw the controller across the room.

[Massage me via The Kartel, Reddit]


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