God of War 3 Ultimate Trilogy Edition’s ridiculous price

Uh. Wow. Of course, this package was always going to cost a pretty penny, what with the fact that it comes in a giant sculpted Pandora’s Box.

But at $258 AU ($238 US) or £109.99 ($176 US) from nation-exclusive retailers EB Games Australia and GAME UK respectively, even the hardcore fans may be left stunned. In Australia, $20 more will get you a DSi. On the other hand, the Australian and European release of God of War 3: Ultimate Trilogy Edition differs from the American release in a few ways: the word Trilogy in the title isn’t in the US version ($99 US), and the PAL releases throw in the God of War Collection, all four skins for Kratos (as opposed to one of four depending on retailer), physical versions of both soundtracks, and …postcards.

Also, GAME UK are listing the release date as March 20, four days after the game’s Stateside release.

[via EB Games Australia, Eurogamer]


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  1. Nathaniel Wedgington Hornswaggle III on

    Actually, Ultimate is in the title of the US version. But holy shit yours is way overpriced even with those couple more extras. Two CD’s and the GOW Collection would only add like $60 retail on to it. Skins and postcards must be friggin expensive to make.

    • Andrew Smith on

      Ah, yes. Trilogy is the missing word. (Logical, since the collection rounds out the trilogy…) Cheers!

      Also worth noting is that in Australia, this is the only local release of God of War Collection.

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