Game Room – an arcade for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows

Microsoft have announced an interesting service for Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live – Game Room, seemingly a blend of PlayStation Home and Nintendo’s Virtual Console.

Launching in Spring, the service will open with 30 titles from Atari, Activision, Intellivision, Konami (and reportedly others), with more titles to be released weekly. Only two games have thus far been confirmed: Centipede and Asteroids Deluxe.

Games will run in 1080p and Dolby Digital, and will support local and online multiplayer, voice chat, and Avatars, as well as cross-platform leaderboards and Achievements.

The application itself is a free download, with games costing 400MSP ($5US) to own on both platforms, or 240MSP ($3US) for a single platform. Players can also choose to buy “two quarters” (40MSP, or $0.50US) worth of time.

Curiously, when visiting the (customizable!) game rooms of friends, players can try their games before purchasing, which could mean those of you who put significant amounts of money into your arcades could become very popular indeed.

[via Joystiq]


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  1. Mr Robotics on

    I can’t wait for this. This looks great. Customizable game room is going to be a great feature.

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