Dragon Age: Origins expansion due March, DLC delayed

Haven’t had enough of Dragon Age: Origins? EA and BioWare have good news and bad news.

First off, the bad: the downloadable content “Return to Ostagar” has been indefinitely delayed, according to a post from BioWare’s Chris Priestly. The pack was originally planned for release on Xbox 360 and PC on January 5th and “later” on PS3, after being announced last week.

On the other hand, keen fans will be able to pick up the expansion Awakening on March 16. Available for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, the content includes a new area to explore, a new level cap, the ability to re-spec character stats, and the typical range of new skills, items, abilities, and characters. At $40 USD, the expansion still requires the original, but players can choose to continue using their characters or to play as a new Grey Warden.

[Electronic Arts via Kotaku]


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