Unreleased PSX Baldur’s Gate port available to all

As a Christmas present for the curious, an anonymous benefactor has released the previously unreleased PlayStation port of BioWare and Black Isle / Interplay’s 1998 RPG hit Baldur’s Gate.

The port, by Leeds studio Runecraft, is available as a torrent, and would have spanned three discs, like Final Fantasy VII. This version of the title was reportedly one from late in the game’s development, and is not only fully playable, but also apparently a solid, faithful port of the PC original. The source claims to have paid a four-digit sum for the title, so the release is fairly generous indeed.

[Hidden Palace via Reddit]


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  1. dude on

    tis is awesome! Now i can play BG on my psp. It’s a little bit buggy but playable.

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