Shatter soundtrack just $1 until Christmas

The official soundtrack to IGN’s PSN Game of the Year, the block-breaking Shatter, is available for just $1 USD until Christmas.

Available as 320K mp3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, and other formats, the quality of the audio is hard to argue with. The site even lets you stream the entire album before you buy, just in case you haven’t played the highly-praised PSN exclusive. Bandcamp, the distribution service, allows buyers to pay above the set price, if you feel $1 isn’t enough. Normally priced at a minimum of $9.99, this is a significant discount.

Is 81:36 of funky video game music worth 100 cents to you? If so, the track list and purchase link are below.

1. Kinetic Harvest – 06:36
2. Aurora – 07:28
3. Granular Extractor – 06:31
4. Krypton Garden – 06:29
5. Freon World – 07:29
6. Amethyst Caverns – 05:15
7. Neon Mines – 06:02
8. Argon Refinery – 08:50
9. Xenon Home World – 06:18
10. The End Of The World – 06:45
11. Boss Music (all sections) – 03:01
12. Homelands (Credits Music) – 05:17
13. Glass Halls (Menu Music) – 02:51
14. Hyperspace (Bonus World) (Extended Edition) – 02:44

[Bandcamp via @jeffgerstmann]


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