Team Fortress 2 starts a war

Valve are continuing to work hard on post-release support for Team Fortress 2 with a number of free updates. This looks to be a big one…and it’s war.

Both the Soldier and Demoman classes are getting a class update (with 3 new items apiece), and some new maps and achievements will spice things up again. The really interesting part of the update is the war aspect.

After this week’s comic, where the Administrator discovered a friendship between the pair, it was decided that a rift must be brought between them. How? A secret seventh weapon, available only to the victor of the war. If the collected Demomen of the world kill more Soldiers over the next week, the Demomen win, and vice versa. Exciting!

[WAR! via Team Fortress 2 Blog]


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  1. Nathaniel Wedgington Hornswaggle III on

    On the PS3, you say?

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