Mega Man 10 coming to WiiWare

The latest Nintendo Power magazine includes a huge scoop: Mega Man 10 (not Mega Man X) is set to hit WiiWare in the future. (I’d imagine a 2010 release is near-certain.)

Nintendo Power‘s website has a scan of the first two pages of the magazine’s preview article up, which includes a few screenshots. The strangest reveal is one of the bosses: Sheep Man. He looks like a sheep with arms, legs, and sweet electrical antennae. The tenth Mega Man will continue with the same formula which has made the series so successful: 2D platforming and taking out Robot Masters to get at Dr. Wily. In this case, the mission is to create a vaccine for Robotenza, a robot virus.

The other part of the Mega Man formula is the notorious difficulty level, which will doubtless return. However, the game will feature an Easy mode, a huge relief to controllers worldwide.

[Nintendo Power via Giant Bomb]


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