Flashes of Brilliance: Continuity

Sometimes, a game comes along with a simple, yet refreshing, new take on an old staple. In this case, the staple is the typical platform genre, and the twist is that you move the landscape around like a jigsaw puzzle.

It’s that simple, but it’s that brilliant. Continuity is a free Flash game developed by a group of Swedish students, and is a work in progress. With 30 levels so far, there’s about an hour of puzzling to be done. The 30 levels range from extremely easy to ridiculously difficult, although they can be skipped. The controls are as basic as can be, with the arrow keys used for navigation and the spacebar used to slide the pieces of level around. If the sides where two pieces meet don’t match, you can’t pass between them.

Expect more levels soon.

[Continuity via Destructoid]


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