Mirror’s Edge 2 (probably) exists, iPhone game certain

The evidence for the existence of a sequel to EA and DICE’s Mirror’s Edge continues to build, with a DICE lighting artist (Oscar Carlén) listing Mirror’s Edge 2 as a project on his resumé, along with Battlefield 3. Don’t look now, as they have been stricken from the record. It was revealed in a June interview that a ‘small team‘ was working on the follow-up, and suggestions have been made that a trilogy is planned.

In other parkour-related news, an iPhone title for the franchise has been confirmed for a January release. Using a 2.5D perspective, the game will include 14 levels of running, climing, sliding, and jumping action.

The original is available for just $4.95 for the next 2 hours in Direct2Drive’s Christmas sale.

[via Joystiq, VideoGamer.com]


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