Black Friday DSi bundles include 5 free DSiWare apps

Black Friday is a pretty big deal in the US, where retailers offer ridiculous sales while the rest of the world looks on, in a mixture of jealousy at the prices and bemusement at the lines. Nintendo recognise this, and so from November 27th, limited edition DSi bundles will include free DSiWare representing¬† “more than $20 in software value”.

The Metallic Blue edition, previously unavailable in the States (which may not be available after this special runs out), includes 5 Mario-related titles: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again, Dr. Mario Express, WarioWare: Snapped!, Mario Calculator, and Mario Clock. (Calculator and Clock are “worth” 200 Nintendo Points each – approximately $4US.)

Meanwhile, the white console is bundled with Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Sudoku, and Math, as well as Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics and Photo Clock, which the press release promises will let users “experience all the enjoyment of a photo album while ensuring you won’t lose track of the time”.

The special bundles are presumably to be priced equal to a standard DSi – $169.99.

[Nintendo of America via Joystiq]


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