Pandemic Studios closes in wave of EA cut-backs

Pandemic Studios, developers of Star Wars: Battlefront, Full Spectrum Warrior, Destroy All Humans!, Mercenaries, and the upcoming The Saboteur, was shut down by EA as part of their huge cost-cutting undertaking.

About 200 Pandemic employees are now out of a job, while 1,500 total jobs are to be cut from EA’s range of studios and divisions. In hindsight, the signs may have been there throughout the year, when Pandemic’s studio in Brisbane, Australia was closed in February, and The Dark Knight game’s development cancelled with it.

To lose your job just before (or in Ensemble’s case with Halo Wars, immediately after) a major release seems incredibly tough. Hopefully, The Saboteur will turn out to be an excellent final product from the studio.

A “core IP team” were moved to EA Los Angeles, and Pandemic’s branding and franchises will be kept alive.

[via Kotaku]


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  1. wwww on

    And EA just bought playfish for 300million.. cutting cost my arse..

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