Shattered Horizon guest passes let DX10-ready friends play too

Shattered Horizon Logo

Shattered Horizon, the zero-gravity outer-space Moonraker-like first person shooter from Futuremark Games Studio, seems like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a demo, and is multiplayer-only, so many probably aren’t sure whether or not to make the $20 commitment.

Thankfully, through the power of Steam’s guest pass system, those who own the game on Steam will be able to give three of their friends the chance to download and play the full game for three days. Presumably, if they buy it, they too will receive three passes, like in Pay It Forward. Just don’t give a guest pass to your friend if they’re running Windows XP and/or don’t have a DirectX 10 graphics card. That’s just mean.

[via Big Download]


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