Torchlight MMO free-to-play, out “in about 2 years”


Torchlight, the recently-released Diablo-esque action RPG, has been received well by the gaming community. The success of the game’s digital download-only launch means it will see a retail release on January 5, 2010.

But for some people, having one player just isn’t enough. Some people need a massive amount of players. Max Schaefer, CEO at Runic Games, has told Germany’s PC Games that the MMO version of Torchlight will be released “in about two years”, and that it will include “a lot of customization, an overworld, random and instanced dungeons, PVP and much more!”

The Torchlight MMO will be free-to-play, and generally bigger on the whole, so Torchlight fans have much to be excited about.

[via Eurogamer]


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