Behind the scenes: Fallout 3 tidbits revealed


Game Informer’s Tidbits series features miscellany and secrets from the world of game development. This time around, Bethesda Softworks have shared some previously unknown facts about the long process of developing the large-scale open-world RPG Fallout 3.

For example, the player can sneak up on Brahmin in the game and tip them over – though some players probably knew that already. Curiosities, such as the fact that inspiration for the cars in the game was the Ford Nucleon, a 1950s nuclear-powered concept car, are a highlight. The list also includes company-related oddities, such as the fact that Courtney Cox worked at Bethesda in the ’80s.

The article provides some insight into the amount of effort that goes into game creation and the people involved.

[Game Informer via Destructoid]


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