Nintendo confirms DSi LL – DSi with 4.2 inch displays


Update: The DSi LL will be coming to Europe in Q1 2010, renamed as the DSi XL. Price is unknown. [via Joystiq]

The speculation that Nintendo were about to update the DSi with a larger screen has come true, with Nintendo today announcing the November 21 launch of the DSi LL. (The launch coincides with the fifth birthday of the Nintendo DS in Japan.)

The device will cost 20,000 yen ($221 USD). DSiWare content is region-locked, meaning that importing the device would only allow the use of Japanese DSiWare. The displays are 93% larger than those of the DS Lite.

The DSi LL will be available in three colours – Dark Brown, Red Wine, and Natural White – and includes three pieces of built-in software – A Bit of Brain Training: Arts, A Bit of Brain Training: Science, and Kiyou Akira Rakuhiku Language Easier. The device is naturally far larger than the standard DSi, and a larger stylus is also available.

[Nintendo Japan via NeoGAF]


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  1. Nathaniel Wedgington Hornswaggle III on

    I’d really like this if I could still play my GBA games. Legally.

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