Dante’s Inferno marketing gets even weirder


Huh. EA’s upcoming Dante’s Inferno has been gathering attention from the gaming media for two reasons. One is because it has an achievement for murdering babies, and understandably, some people aren’t into that sort of thing. The other reason is the strange marketing tactics used to promote the game.

From having fake protesters at E3 to sending out $200 cheques to the gaming press, it has been rather unique. Obviously, it’s working in that people (including me) are posting news articles about it. The technique is loosely tied to the “circles of hell” mythology, with this video from Destructoid demonstrating how they marketed the fifth circle of hell.

Sorry, EA / Visceral. As funny as I find this, I’m still not interested in the game. Also, how much has this all cost? Seriously.

[via Destructoid]


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