Shattered Horizon due November 4, only $20

Shattered Horizon Logo

Futuremark’s first game release, Shattered Horizon, had been flying under my radar until it made news for not supporting Windows XP systems just two days ago. Little did we know at the time that it would be out in just a week.

The official website provides the release date of November 4. Shattered Horizon can be purchased from Steam or the Futuremark Store, and all pre-orders receive a 10% ($2) discount. Interestingly enough, the release page gives customers incentives to buy from the Futuremark Store: “When you buy direct from the Futuremark Store 100 percent of your money goes to the people who made the game.” Those who were in the beta receive a 25% discount from the official store, as do those who have purchased select 3DMark applications.

Featuring 32-player online battles in zero gravity, the game should be intense. If you (and your computer) are up to it, then for $20 it seems hard to go wrong.

Shattered Horizon

[via Steam News]


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