Confirmed: Modern Warfare 2 powered by SteamWorks


As I had suspected earlier in the week when it was announced (among many other things) that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would be using Valve’s Anti-Cheat software instead of PunkBuster to keep online play as honest as possible, the game will be powered by Steamworks.

This means that retail versions of the game will be attached to Steam by activating using a CD-key, allowing disc-less play. Steam provides other conveniences such as automatic updates and Steam Cloud, which synchronises multiplayer progress (and presumably settings) between all computers a user plays on. Modern Warfare 2 will also have a cool 50 achievements through Steam.

A word of warning: If a Modern Warfare 2 boycotter is on your Steam friends list and sees that you’re playing the game…I guess the worst they can do is send you an angry message.

[via Steam News]


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