Hideo Kojima promises Zone of the Enders 3, one day


Zone of the Enders 1 and 2, released 8 and 6 years ago respectively, were critically acclaimed mecha combat games with a cult following. An anime OVA and entire 26-episode series were set in the series’ universe.

Kojima has repeatedly expressed his desire to make a sequel, but has been so busy focusing on the development of the Metal Gear Solid series that he simply didn’t have time. Last week, he wrote that he has “a game plan and method for sales”. He can’t promise a time-frame for the game’s release, but he has promised a release.

For anyone looking to get into the series: best of luck. The games are quite hard to find these days, despite less than spectacular sales. It seems as though you all have time to find them before ZoE3 sees a release, though.

[Andriasang via Destructoid]


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