Bayonetta receives Famitsu’s 12th perfect score


Update: Turns out, only the Xbox 360 version received the perfect score, with the PlayStation 3 version only scoring a paltry 38/40. Oh dear.

The first review of Platinum Games’ action game Bayonetta is out, and is – quite surprisingly – one which finds the game entirely without fault. Popular Japanese magazine Famitsu gave reportedly given it 40/40 (Famitsu’s 4 review editors each score games out of 10), making it not only the twelfth game ever to see a perfect score, but the first Xbox 360 title to do so.

The gameplay is similar to that of Devil May Cry, and is likely to appeal to Western audiences as well as the Japanese market, with a combination of violence and sexiness. Bayonetta is due in Japan on October 29th, and will hit Western shores in January 2010.

[livedoor via NeoGAF]


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