Modern Warfare 2 dedicated server petition reaches 50,000


Well, that was fast. Since the news broke yesterday that the PC release of what was (is?) expected to be the year’s highest-selling game (given Modern Warfare has sold 13 million copies) lacks dedicated servers, over 50,000 angered fans have signed the online petition requesting the feature’s return.

Dedicated servers are the means through which almost all PC FPS games provide competitive multiplayer, and have been a staple of the genre for roughly a decade. PC Call of Duty fans feel that removing this feature, as well as the $60 PC price point, shows a lack of regard for loyal PC players who have supported the series since the original Call of Duty’s release in 2003.

Some gamers have also cancelled their pre-orders of Modern Warfare 2. However, the game will still sell untold millions of copies on consoles, so whether or not Activision and Infinity Ward respond to the backlash is questionable.

[Petition Online]


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  1. […] at large discovered that the PC version won’t have dedicated servers, and many people were less than overjoyed. (That petition has now reached almost 140,000 signatures.) Now, the game is available for […]

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