Australian Left 4 Dead 2 release censored for MA 15+ rating


Well, isn’t this just great? Left 4 Dead 2 is actually getting a release in Australia. The game as originally submitted to the OFLC (the Australian classifications board) was refused classification last month. An edited version has given Australia’s most “mature” rating for games, MA 15+. The country does not have an R 18+ rating for games, despite the fact that films have this rating. reports that “the game no longer contains depictions of decapitation, dismemberment, wound detail or piles of dead bodies lying about the environment.” Given that one of the selling points of the sequel over L4D1 was the increase in gore detail, this is a disappointment to many.

The original, uncensored version has been resubmitted for classification with the hopes that it will clear this time. If so, a free patch will be made available to all Australians who purchased the crippled product.



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  1. […] that the game in its original form has been again refused classification. As a result, only the cut-down version will see release with an MA 15+ […]

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