Lego Rock Band features Lego David Bowie


While I can honestly say I’ve never really cared about musicians making “special appearances” in music games (unless it has made for hilarity), something about seeing musicians in Lego form is entertaining to me. David Bowie joins Iggy Pop in the cast of Lego rockers, which would suggest that more are to be revealed before Lego Rock Band’s release in early November.

Bowie’s hit song Let’s Dance is featured, with the man himself appearing with his band in a venue styled after the song’s video. (So, an Aussie outback pub? Awesome.) The song is one of many classics in the family-friendly lineup, including Crocodile Rock, the Ghostbusters theme, I Want You Back, Kung Fu Fighting, and two seminal Queen tracks, We Are The Champions and We Will Rock You.

While it’s not quite Rock Band: David Bowie – which would be awesome, given the fun Harmonix could have with his many character designs (Ziggy Stardust, and so on) and the quality and quantity of his catalogue – it’s a start.

[USAToday via RockBandAide]


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