Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Demo Impressions

Uncharted 2

Through a Twitter give-away from EBGames Australia (from whom I didn’t pre-order, opting instead to receive a neat bag free from GAME), I gained early access to the public multiplayer demo for Uncharted 2. Being part of that small group playing on launch day led to some unfortunately long waits in matchmaking lobbies; the number of players reported as online ranged from 61 to 221.

The demo is fairly generous, offering Deathmatch, Objective, Co-Op Objective, and Co-Op Arena modes, including sub-modes and modifiers such as Deathmatch Pistol and Grenades, or Deathmatch RPG, where everyone spawns with a rocket launcher with 100 rockets. The demo also includes 4 maps: the Village, the Ice Cave, the Temple, and the Plaza. Once the matchmaking lobby is populated, players can vote on which of two levels / sub-mode combinations to play.

In addition, players can use the Machinima mode to mess around and take a good look at their surroundings, and can also view replays of the matches they’ve played, watching from any angle and applying visual tweaks at will. This is not only a nice feature to have in general, it’s also smart to have in the demo as a means of highlighting Uncharted 2’s fantastic graphics, as one can use the free-floating camera to explore every nook and cranny of each level without having to worry about being gunned down. Yes, the visuals are superb. You probably knew this anyway, but wow. The audio, too, is top-notch, with each character offering unique dialogue during battle, and with the sounds of battle satisfyingly meaty.

The gameplay itself is a ton of fun. At this stage it appears as though most people are playing Deathmatch modes, although one quick round of Co-op Arena was great fun, with an unending supply of bot enemies attacking us. The Deathmatch is fairly fast-paced and dynamic, with alternate routes through stages meaning that you always have to watch your back. The game’s verticality is also apparent, and is subtler than “high point = sniper area”.

Multiplayer Uncharted feels natural and controls well. Moving from cover to cover, climbing, rolling, and shooting your way to victory feels extremely satisfying, and seems to be a logical and successful addition to the series. While there were a couple of instances where a game simply would not start (possibly waiting for someone to connect?), these cases will almost certainly be ironed out by release. I had pre-ordered the game already, but this demo has me awaiting mid-October even more eagerly.


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  1. dylanmmc on

    I agreed with everything you said however you failed to mention that the arena mode is not just an endless supply of enemies like a Gears2 Horde mode. With the U2 arena mode there is also a capture the flag type objective woven in trying to stay alive. Great blog though!

  2. […] content “of the competitive type: more maps, more modes, stuff like that.” Given the quality of the multiplayer, it is certain that gamers will be hungry for more than the 7 maps the game will ship with next […]

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