Zero Punctuation’s Yahtzee Waxes Poetic On Wolfenstein


Fellow Australian Yahtzee (or Ben Croshaw) has reviewed the latest entry in the Wolfenstein franchise, aptly named Wolfenstein.

This would scarcely be noteworthy – the man has reviewed over 100 games, after all – but the roughly 4-minute video review takes the form of a hilarious limerick. As is the norm with Zero Punctuation, the clip is not safe for work or those sensitive to fast-paced adult language. Unfortunately for Raven Software, his final evaluation of the game (2/5 stars) is below the Metacritic average of 75. Obviously, the fun isn’t in the result, but in the journey.

Combining comedy with rhyme and encompassing a succinct summary of the game’s gameplay, story, and faults, perhaps more reviews should take this form.

[The Escapist]


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