Sony Releases Cheaper PS3 Slim, Activision CEO Silent


Sony’s much-rumoured and now real PS3 Slim has made something of a splash in the gaming world, garnering largely positive feedback for its lower price point ($300US/$500AU/300EUR/250GBP). The console packs a 120GB hard drive and like all PS3s produced since late 2007 lacks PS2 backwards compatibility. Users also cannot install third-party operating systems on the new revision, which is roughly a third smaller, lighter, and more power-efficient than older models. Another advantage over PS3s past is that it runs far quieter.

The lower price point will likely lead to a great Christmas of sales for Sony given some good marketing of the console’s strengths. With the Wii at $250 and the Xbox 360 Pro at $300 (the Arcade is at $200, however), the Slim could see some fantastic sales. This is universally seen as a good move on Sony’s part not only by consumers, but by industry executives Yves Guillemot (Ubisoft) and Frank Gibeau (EA), both enthusiastic about the price cut.

But what about Bobby Kotick of Activision, who in June threatened that without a price drop, his company “might want to consider if we support the console”? He has currently remained silent on this matter – perhaps a good move, given Activision’s own current pricing trends, with Modern Warfare 2 RRPing at 55GBP ($90US) in Britain and the PC version at $60 in the US, and DJ Hero starting at $120, with the Renegade Edition at $200. The upshot of it all appears to be that the PS3 will likely continue to see Activision’s support, with both sequels (which people prefer, after all) and new IP. So that’s nice.


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