Scribblenauts Makes Preorder Bonuses, Everything Else Cuter

Scribblenauts Bonus Rooster Hat

Modern Warfare 2‘s Prestige Edition comes with functional night-vision goggles. Batman: Arkham Asylum‘s Special Edition comes with a 14 inch Batarang! The press kit for Godfather II included brass knuckles (until reviewers had to mail them back, on account of sending people weapons probably being a bad idea).

Clearly, publishers want to provide gamers with the tools to murder dudes, right?

Maybe not! In Australia, gamers who preorder Scribblenauts at EB Games will receive a rooster hat modelled on the one Maxwell wears in-game. Perhaps this is a token of appreciation to Australian gamers who drop $59.95AU ($49US) on a DS game – albeit the most anticipated DS game of the year.

Why? Well, why not? You could be a trend-setter!

It is currently unknown whether this offer will be made available worldwide.
Update: It is now, for GameStop pre-orders in the US.

[via Destructoid]


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  1. […] is that you now have another couple of weeks to pre-order and receive your various gifts, be they rooster-shaped headgear or convenient pointing devices for your […]

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