Weekend Deals – 18/19 July, 2009

Another week, another Steam weekend deal that manages to open up my bank account with Plants vs. Zombies, Popcap’s cute defend-your-house game (which was brilliantly advertised).

Steam Weekend Deal – 60% off Brothers in Arms pack ($19.99), 50% off individual Brothers in Arms games ($4.99 – $14.99).
SteamFamily Games – Various savings on family-oriented titles. Includes 67% off the MumboJumbo Complete Pack ($19.99), 25% off the Complete PopCap Collection, and 25% off Plants vs. Zombies ($7.49).

Play-AsiaSlide Adventure: Mag Kid – $9.90, from $58.90 – This DS game comes a with slide controller peripheral (not for DSi owners, then) and is in Japanese, but apparently there is no language barrier. Ends Tuesday.

GOG Tom Clancy Pack (Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six) – 50% off ($9.99), or 30% off ($6.99) each. Ends Monday, 11:59PM EDT.

GamersGatePenumbra Collection – 75% off ($4.99)
GamersGateIron Man –  50% off ($9.95)
GamersGateCivilization 3 Complete –  50% off ($4.99)

Impulse‘s Meridian4 Sale continues for another week. Other reductions include:

Direct2DriveCogs – 50% off, ($4.95).  Ends Sunday. They are also matching Steam’s Brothers in Arms deals from above here.


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