Weekend Deals

Who DOESN’T like saving money? This maybe-weekly feature will keep track of the weekly deals of the various online stores that offer them. Is it worthwhile to maintain? We’ll see. Is it made needlessly difficult by regional pricing and availability? Absolutely!

The Independence Day Holiday weekend has brought with it big sales from the big digital distribution services. I should note that time is running out to take advantage of some of these offers.
(All prices in USD unless specified.)

Play-AsiaSuper Robot Taisen K, ~61% off – $24.90, from $64.90. If you can read Japanese languages, or have played enough games in the series to be able to work out what’s going on, this might be worthwhile to you.

SteamFallout 3, 50% off – $24.99, from $49.99. For Australians, it’s $34.99, from $69.99. Why? Because we’re special! (If you’re keen and have the connections, as is often the case with Steam, ask an American friend to gift it to you.) Fair warning: It is doubtful that the DLC will be made available through Steam.

SteamMeridian4 Complete Pack, 50% off – $24.99, from $49.99. All games in this pack are available seperately, all half-price. Notably, includes Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor.

Steam2K HUGE GAMES PACK, 10% off – $53.99, from $59.99. Apparently includes $229 of value… Contains Bioshock, the Civilization series, the Freedom Force series, Prey, the Railroad Tycoon games, Sid Miere’s games, Shattered Union, and the X-COM series. This pack is only available in the US and Europe.

Impulse4th of July Weekend sales – highlights include Sins of a Solar Empire + the expansion for $29.99 from $39.99, and Red Faction: Guerilla (preorder) for $39.99, which includes Red Faction 1 and 2. (Visiting the page for that lists it at $80.58, so …maybe not?)

Good Old Games20% off pinball games, this weekend. $4.79 each: Pure Pinball 2.0 Redux, Pro Pinball Timeshock, Pro Pinball Big Race USA, and Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey.

GamersGateMen of War, 60% off – $11.99 from $29.99.

Direct2Drive4th of July sale.  Highlights include Call of Duty 4 for $27.95 from $39.95, Call of Duty: World at War at $34.95 from $49.95, and the GOTY edition of Oblivion with DLC for $17.95 from $34.95.

Direct2DriveDark Sector, 50% off – $9.95 from $19.95.


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  1. Nafan! on

    But I like buying physical copies of my games, man. Super Robot game has sounded good to me for a while but I can’t do the things it requires to play.

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