Welcome to Busy-Handed Gamer!

Here, you will find reviews of games both old and new, as I trawl through my backlog and acquire fresh meat, as well as comments on news I find especially notable.

What will you not find? To-the-minute updates on every piece of gaming news. Exclusive previews! Interviews with CEOs and top developers! All this (and more) can’t be found here!

Why did I start to do this? Partly because I’m eager to develop my writing and communication skills, partly because I’d love to get into the industry of game journalism (which admittedly feels pretty full already), and partly because I had the month off, giving me a nice chunk of time to play some games. Writing about it seemed to make the time spent feel slightly more productive.

Why the title? I have (two) hands, and I play games. They are almost always utilised somehow in this process, for you and I. Thus, it seemed a relevant pick. Also, my hands tend to be fiddling with something or another when they’re not grasping a controller, portable, or other input device. (Oh, shush.)

It is my hope that you will find something worth returning here for, and provide feedback on both the content discussed and the quality of the articles.

Andrew Smith.


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  1. Nafan! on

    You did it! You actually did it!

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